Technology sells according to 2018 Google Shopping benchmarks. New digital retail engagement models require highly specialized digital talent. Talent that combines business acumen, technology and customer insights. Talent that craft an #omnichannel strategy plan and execute it flawlessly with a combination of above and below the line marketing tactics while focusing on #digitaltransformation #growthhacking and #digitalleadership
I offer more than 20 years’ experience in working with leading-edge e-businesses from crafting the strategy to mobilizing and leading the execution.
For decades I have been passionate about customer engagements enabling digital transformation for more classic business models, and even greenfield where I have designed new business models based on dissipate technologies and new world client engagement road maps.
I have extensive know-how of customer experience #CX management and the associated tooling from #marketingautomation, #GDPR, #CRM solutions and #BI analytics.
Enhanced product attributes, content and assets are increasingly digital – with audio, video, and interactive elements – and consumed across multiple channels, including mobile, social and the web, but also in store, on location, and in the field. Whether for customers, employees, or business partners, digital engagement is about creating a consistent, compelling, and contextual way of personalizing, delivering, and #monetizing the user’s overall experience – especially as core products become augmented, enriched with digital intellectual property – or disrupted.
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