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Addressable TV

Addressable TV – according to this blogs definition – is a method of watching broadcasted content in either a liniar or on-demand fashion, but where the commercials shown depend on user attributes and/or behavior. This means that if you watch e.g. the super bowl live on your digital device – or cast it to your TV – you will be exposed to a different set of TV commercials than those watching it in traditional broadcast fashion. Addressable TV is becoming more and more popular, due to many factors. To mention a few you can watch your favorite programs on-demand, stop and continue watching, build personal preferences and get personalized recommendations and with this also more relevant advertising if you are on a plan that allows commercials.

Getting organized for CEM

One of the key competencies and fundamentals to excel in CEM (Customer Experience Management) is organizational change. Old structures must be discontinued and you need to organize according to your customers. Don Peppers & Martha Rodgers introduced this radical thinking more than 20 years ago along with their RoC (Return on Customer) KPI. The organizational change will mean that current departments will dissolve and fragment and come together in new constellations. But it also require that business strategy is 100% solid and calibrated with consumer insights, market trends, robust business and revenue models and a well-functioning supply chain. In addition to this change readiness and agile methodologies must be second nature to all.

There seems to be general agreement around 3 best practices for organizational change management:

Phase 1: Base the change on John Kotter’s 8 step process for leading change

Phase 2: Prosci’s ADCAR model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement)

Phase 3: Franklin Covey’s 4 Disciplines of execution (Focus on the widely important – Act on the lead measures – keep a compelling scoreboard – create a cadence of accountability)

In order to be truly customer centric you need to organize your enterprise according to this. Not in functions or channels, but in agile teams that work with all aspects of the Customer Experience from: product design, pricing, distribution, marketing (multi-touch point, omni-channel), fulfilment, customer service, retention, development f the relation and to loyalty and advocacy – even co-creation. With this you have to look at customer lifetime value, Recency and frequency and implement multiple feedback loops and rating mechanisms. Read more here about the omni-channel customer service gap.

And keep in mind: Culture eats strategy for breakfast, as
Peter Drucker cleverly stated. You need top management anchoring and championing. They absolutely need to walk the talk.

Collagen – facts and fiction

Kollagen er et protein som indgår i de vigtigste strukturer i kroppen fra hud, hår, brusk, led, muskelfibre til cellemembraner. For at Collagen kan virke som kosttilskud må det ikke være irreversibelt hydrolyseret. Collagen har flere dokumenterede helsevirkninger på bl.a. hud (dvs. elasticitet og dermed minimering af rynker) og til opbygning og vedligeholdelse af knogler, led og brusk.

Der findes over 28 forskellige typer collagen, hvor de almindeligste er:

  • Type I (fibrillar): Udgør 90% af kroppens Collagen og findes i hud, fibre, vasculature organer, knogler (collagen type I er hovedkomponent i den dynamiske/fleksible del af knoglen)
  • Type II (fibrillar): Findes i brusk og led
  • Type III (fibrillar): reticulate (main component of reticular fibers) og forekommer almindeligvis sammen med Collagen type I
  • Type IV (non-fibrillar): danner basal lamina, the epithelium-secreted layer of the basement membrane
  • Type V (fibrillar): cellemembraner, hår og moderkage

De vigigste collagentyper i forhold til kosttilskud er derfor Type I og II. I kosttilskud med helsepåstande overfor hud er collagen proteinet blevet hydrolyseret til pulver, dvs. at det via en enzymatisk proces er brudt ned til peptider, som er kæder af aminosyrer, ofte benævnt Verisol® peptider.

Blandt kosttilskud med helsepåstande omkring hud findes som sælger The Solution(TM) anti-wrinkle collagen på abonnement til 348 kr for 28 dagsdoser. En daglig dosis koster dermed 12,43 kr. og indeholder 2,5 g/ 2500 mg Verisol kollagenhydrolysat af type I.

Ser man på kosttilskud, der positionerer sig i fht. muskler og led er ingredienssammensætning mere kompleks. I kosttilskuddet (sælges kun i Norge) er fordelingen af Kollagen type I og II ikke angivet, blot at begge typer sammen undgør 0,1 g/100 mg. Derudover indeholder produktet Omega-3 fiskeolie, Vitamin C og D samt mangan. Produktet koster 199 norske kr pr. måned og indeholder 60 kapsler. En daglig dosis koster dermed 5,04 kr med dagens kurs på norske kroner (1 NOK = 0,7603 DKK).

Der er skrevet en række forskellige artikler om Kollagen herunder: og

Agent of Change

Technology sells according to 2018 Google Shopping benchmarks. New digital retail engagement models require highly specialized digital talent. Talent that combines business acumen, technology and customer insights. Talent that craft an #omnichannel strategy plan and execute it flawlessly with a combination of above and below the line marketing tactics while focusing on #digitaltransformation #growthhacking and #digitalleadership
I offer more than 20 years’ experience in working with leading-edge e-businesses from crafting the strategy to mobilizing and leading the execution.
For decades I have been passionate about customer engagements enabling digital transformation for more classic business models, and even greenfield where I have designed new business models based on dissipate technologies and new world client engagement road maps.
I have extensive know-how of customer experience #CX management and the associated tooling from #marketingautomation, #GDPR, #CRM solutions and #BI analytics.
Enhanced product attributes, content and assets are increasingly digital – with audio, video, and interactive elements – and consumed across multiple channels, including mobile, social and the web, but also in store, on location, and in the field. Whether for customers, employees, or business partners, digital engagement is about creating a consistent, compelling, and contextual way of personalizing, delivering, and #monetizing the user’s overall experience – especially as core products become augmented, enriched with digital intellectual property – or disrupted.
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